Self-guided city walk or bike tour in Stockholm!

With the Talk of the town™ audio guide you get a unique opportunity to learn about Stockholm’s 750 years of history, and get really close to the best sights.
You get your own private guide, on your own  mobile phone or mp3-player, in your own language. You don’t have to feel scheduled or follow large guided groups. And you can listen, in peace and quiet, to all the fantastic stories.

Download to your mobile phone or mp3-player.

Choose from 56 factual, amusing and rewarding guidepoints spiced with historical facts and anecdotes from Stockholm’s most interesting sights. Every guidepoint lasts about 3 minutes.

Choose from 6 different languages:    Swedish flag    English flag    German flag    French flag    Spanish flag    Russian flag   


Start and stop whenever you like.

We have selected the most interesting sights in Stockholm. Everything from churches, monuments and well-known buildings, to alleys and street corners, squares and viewpoints. You just have to stop for a moment, and listen!

Take a break when it suits you.

You are free to start and stop wherever you want in the city. And you can take a break at anytime to eat, have a coffee or do some shopping.

Choose any sight you want.

Talk of the town offers more than the ordinary guidebooks.The stories are factual, fun and rewarding. They are spiced with historical and curious facts, adding new dimensions to each sight.

You listen whenever it suits you, and you can pick and mix from all the sights. Perhaps you are content with the area around your hotel, or just want to keep to the Old Town. Or you may be concentrating on churches and monuments. Or magnificent viewpoints .... the choice is yours!

Map with the best sights in Stockholm.

Apart from your mp3-player or mobile phone and a pair of comfortable shoes, you will also need a Talk of the town map, on which all the sights are marked. With the map in your hand, you can plan your stay in Stockholm in detail. Arrange your own guided tour, suited to your interests, the amount of time you have and where in town you are staying.

Take a bike tour with your own guide!  

When visiting Stockholm we recommend you to rent a bike from Stockholm City Bikes. The official bike-sharing system with 90 bike stations in Stockholm. Tour around Stockholm and make a stop and listen wherever you like.  Before leaving home download the Talk of the town™ audio guide. 

When in Stockholm buy a City Bikes 3 days card.

If you choose to stay at one of the city center hotels or hostels you can buy the City Bikes card for only SEK 165. Take a late morning, enjoy your breakfast and start your guided tour when it suits you. 
Ask for the 3 days card at the front desk.

Stories worth hearing at sights worth seeing!

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