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01 Early history of Stockholm

Listen to the story of how a barrier made from logs at the outlet of Lake Mälaren gave the city its name.

02 The parliament building

Can you see the neat lawn? What do you think was there before?

03 The sunsinger statue

What is the statue, by the world-famous sculptor Carl Milles, looking at?

04 The Royal Palace

Here is where Sweden’s most recent coup d’état was carried out. Which room does Sweden’s current king Carl XVI Gustaf live in today?

05 Statue of king Gustav III

What did the sculptor Sergel really think about his statue of the king?

06 The Obelisk

What does an Egyptian symbol have in common with a Swedish king, a Russian war and Stockholm’s burghers?

07 Storkyrkan

If it had not been for a churchwarden, the church would have been pulled down in the 16th century. But who wanted the church gone, and why?

08 Stortorget

In Stockholm’s oldest square, both blood and water have flowed. Listen to the story of the Stockholm Blood Bath.

09 Statue of S:t George & the dragon

The dragon is said to be a symbol of an enemy army, which threatened Stockholm in 1471. From where did it come?

10 Baggensgatan 23

250 years ago, you would have seen a lightly dressed women in one of the windows. Listen to the story of Stockholm’s most famous brothel.

11 Järntorget

The square where iron was traded – Sweden’s greatest export good of all time.

12 Statue of king Karl XVI Johan

How could a 29-year old marshal in Napoleon’s army become Sweden’s king?

13 Slussen

From ancient Russian trading place to Sweden’s first moving light advertisement. Listen to the story of Slussen and its surroundings.

14 View point Ivar Lo´s park

See the sun set behind the Town Hall and listen to how Stockholm went from being the capital of iron ore to the capital of the Nobel Prize.

15 View point Katarinahissen

Visit one of Stockholm’s best viewpoints – and you will be pointed out the spot where the man-of-war Vasa foundered.

16 Mårten Trotzigs Gränd

Stockholm’s narrowest alley is named after a German merchant. Hear about how he met a violent death.

17 The German church

Listen to the story of how the church got the nick-name “The Devil’s Church” and the world-famous baroque organ.

18 The Runestone

What does it say on the rune stone? And why is a cannon pipe standing in front of it? Listen to the story of a famous street corner in Stockholm.

19 The House of Nobility

The place where Marie-Antoinette’s lover, a well-known Swedish aristocrat, was beaten to death by an angry mob. Hear why this happened.

20 Riddarholmen

Hear about Riddarholmen’s royal graves and palaces. And how a 54-year old king hankered after a 16-year old girl, against her parents’ wishes.

21 City Hall

Listen to the story about Stockholm’s most famous building – the location of the Nobel Dinner and Ball!

22 Gustav Adolfs torg

To begin with, the idea was that the statue should show the king on horseback, pursued by a half-naked women.  Why did this not happen?

23 View point Skeppsholmen bridge

Who built the houses on Skeppsholmen? And why is Stockholm sometimes called “the Yellow City”?

24 Skeppsholmen

What does this verdant island in Stockholm’s inlet have in common with American pop art?

25 Af Chapman

When did this ship last set sail? And who was af Chapman? Hear about the hard life onboard.

26 View point  Brobänken

Hear about two church fires and three funeral pyres – all in the same place!

27 The Sculpture group ”Paradiset”

How can a sculpture group that caused interest all over the world create such violent protests that someone even tried to blow it up?

28 Kungsträdgården

Hear the story of the park that went from cabbage patch to becoming the location of Stockholm’s most magnificent building. And which almost had an underground exit.

29 Sergels Torg

This square used to be called Sveatorget, Svea Square. Who suggested it be renamed Sergels Torg? And who was Sergel?

30 Stockholm City

Stockholm was spared the bombs, but not the diggers. Listen to the story of the old Klara quarters,

31 Hötorget

Did you know that Greta Garbo worked at PUB here at Hötorget before she became an actress? Hear the story about a square with a long history!

32 The Concert Hall

This is where the Nobel Prizes are handed out. Hear the story about Sweden’s perhaps most famous building.

33 Kungsgatan

Listen to the story of Kungsgatan and Stockholm’s first “sky-scrapers”.

34 The Royal Library

How many volumes can this building hold? Learn more about the hidden places in the Royal Library.
 and what happened to them.

35 Stureplan

This is the playground for the “top people”! But why is a concrete mushroom growing here?

36 The Raul Wallenberg memorial 

Listen to the story of the monument – and the man it celebrates.

37 The Royal Dramatic Theatre

The cupola on the top holds a secret. Listen to the story of Sweden’s national stage – where Ingmar Bergman was the manager!

38 View point Strandvägen

From village street to esplanade. The story of Stockholm’s “best” street.

39 Djurgården bridge

Learn why the plain across the bridge is called the lion plain.

40 Djurgården

From suspect inns to Stockholm’s most appreciated park area.

41 View point Galärparken

Whose screams could be heard from the other side of the water on a summer’s night in 1389?

42 The Vasa museum

Hear the story about the pride of Sweden, the man-of-war Vasa, which went down with all hands on its maiden journey in 1628.

43 Galärvarvet

A memorial to Scandinavia’s greatest civil shipping catastrophe, the foundering of the Estonia, when 852 persons lost their lives, was erected here in 1997.

44 Gröna Lund amusement park

Many great artists have performed at Sweden’s oldest funfair. Listen what happened to one of them when he didn’t want to stop playing!

45 Skansen Hyttorget


46 Skansen Skogaholms herrgård


47 Skansen Seglora Church


48 Skansen Moragården


49 Skansen Elk

50 Skansen Wolves

51 Drottningholm Royal domain

52 Drottningholm Court theatre

53 Drottningholm Herkules fountain

54 Drottningholm English garden

55 Drottningholm Chinese pavillion

56 Drottningholm Canton street      

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